Image of Ken Scott being sworn in as the Bernalillo County Deputy Treasurer back in 2017.


Hello! I'm Ken Scott, and I'm honored to seek your trust as the Treasurer of Bernalillo County. As a dedicated Democrat, leader, and community servant, I bring a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to serving the people of Bernalillo County.

Many folks know me from my public service career, starting as the Bernalillo County Deputy Treasurer, where I worked alongside Nancy Bearce to modernize the office, making it paperless, providing electronic payment options, and establishing a web portal for improved accessibility.

Now serving as Deputy County Assessor, I bring my unique financial expertise to ensure quality for all in the county. I've also been privileged to serve as Treasurer for the NM Democratic Black Caucus, the NM Black Leadership Council, and several strong Democratic candidates’ campaigns, including Sen. Harold Pope.


Growing up on military bases instilled in me a sense of resilience and a deep appreciation for service, with my father proudly serving in the United States Army for 20 years. Despite the globetrotting nature of military life, my mother's guidance led our family to settle down in Georgia where I earned my undergrad in Physics from Georgia Tech.

With a love for green chile cheeseburgers and a strong job offer in Albuquerque, I established my home here in Bernalillo County nearly two decades ago. As a proud Lobo, I earned my MBA from UNM (woof woof!) with a finance concentration.

Now, I'm ready to take my commitment to New Mexicans a step further and bring my priorities of TRANSPARENCY, ETHICAL LEADERSHIP, and QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR ALL as our next Bernalillo County Treasurer.

From left to right, NM State Senator Harold Pope, Democratic Candidate for Bernalillo County Treasurer Ken Scott, and Bernalillo County Assessor Damian Lara.
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